Beach Defender Game

Now available on Oculus Quest 2 by Meta
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Next Phase
The next phase in tower defense gaming. You're not just controlling the gun, you are the gun! Do you have what it takes to defend all 7 beaches from incoming enemy fire? Earn cash, upgrade your weapons, and battle your way through 70 unique levels of enemy invasion.
  • New age Tower Defense!
  • 70 unique levels.
  • 7 different beaches.
  • Control 6 weapons simultaneously.
  • 3 upgrade slots per weapon.
  • Buy any of 4 different towers to help you.
  • 5 total slots to place your towers.
  • 3 game save slots.
Dual Machine Guns – Kills incoming ground troops.
Main Cannon – Devastates vehicles and aircraft.
Mortar Cannon – Destroys buildings and heavy artillery.
Rocket Launcher – Takes out all aerial enemies.
Grenade Launcher – Obliterates groups of troops.
Walls – Protect you from incoming enemies.
Gun Tower – Shoot and kill ground soldiers.
Turret Tower – Shoots at all grounded vehicles.
AA Gun – Shoots at planes and choppers.
• Stoddard Island
• Spider Island
• Blizzard Island
• Bullet Island
• Long Piece Island
• Double Pass Island
• Death Island
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